Monday, September 01, 2008


Is there any place where one can go online to find out what the re-entry plans are? has no information that I can find. The City of New Orleans website is as useless as it usually is. Pathetic. All I can get is very uninformative national media coverage.

I did read something in this piece by Bruce Nolan of the Times-Picayune, which had only this to say about re-entry:

Jindal said it is too early to raise hopes that evacuees from New Orleans will be able to return home Tuesday

"It's certainly too, too early to say that it's safe for them to start coming back tomorrow," Jindal said in a news conference at the state's emergency operations center in Baton Rouge.
Nagin said residents might be able to return to their homes within 24 to 36 hours after Monday afternoon, depending on the damage left by the storm.
But I think this is utterly unhelpful. And, furthermore, if they want to have a crush of folks returning all at once, making all of our return trips as unnecessarily painful as the exodus, then wait until later before allowing people to come home. If the situation is as reports indicate, they should let anyone return who wants to return anytime after midnight tonight -- with or without power. Some of us have generators, food, fans, and water waiting at home, not to mention our own beds.

Anyway, my plan is to leave for home tomorrow, passing by some family in Covington before crossing the Causeway and on into the City. What we don't want to have to go through is the indignity of travelling all the way to a certain checkpoint only to be stopped by some young, macho, power-hungry cop, to be humiliated, and then forced to turn back.

Anyway, Tulane is closed until next Monday, so I won't have to worry about an immediate re-transition back to the busyness of the office and the classroom.

But, I did notice this little tidbit in Bruce Nolan's article, which might, if it comes to pass, only exacerbate Jeffrey's headache and make him even more pissed:
Saints officials were weighing whether to move Sunday's home opener against Tampa Bay from the Superdome to Florida.
I hope for the sake of all Season Ticket holders that the Saints don't punish us any more than we already have been for having suffered through this nightmare of an evacuation.

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