Saturday, August 17, 2002

The Weak in (National) Review presents: "Halo K-Lo" - comments on the “ex cathedra” pronouncements of Kathryn Jean Lopez. This week, K-Lo gives us a lesson in Politics 101. And believe me, it’s certainly at the 101 level of sophistication. The basic gist of her article is that “political discourse in America is pathetic” because all issues tend to boil down to “Right-vs.-Left.” As K-Lo says: “The real stupidity comes when the pundit game becomes Right-vs.-Left.” And then, perhaps unwittingly, K-Lo herself writes for us a perfect example of this “real stupidity” (her words) as she composes the rest of her article, complaining about how the “Right” is always treated cruelly and unfairly in this game. I guess this wouldn’t be so bad except that all the while K-Lo bemoans the fact that conservatives are often labeled as “just plain dumb” and “ugly” (i.e. Linda Tripp, Katherine Harris, etc.) and of the “extra-chromosome right wing,” etc., she dishes out her own petty meanness towards leftist liberals. For instance, K-Lo writes of Ann Coulter’s “laser-like ability to home in on the hypocrisies and cruelties and stupidity of the Left” as if hypocrisy, cruelty, and stupidity were natural and universal character traits of everyone on the Left. And later, K-Lo, the intellectual giant she is, essentially calls leftist partisan rhetoric “terribly grade-school in its intellectual level.” (Aside: I wonder if K-Lo has ever REALLY watched and read Rush Limbaugh’s "stuff" with the same intellectually discerning lenses.) And again, K-Lo just can’t help but talk about those “hateful” and “snippy” “liberal media types.” When it comes to the “real stupidity” in the pundit game, at least in the way that K-Lo describes it, there is no better example than K-Lo herself.

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