Sunday, August 18, 2002

Liberal Lighthouse - Maureen Dowd's editorial today in the New York Times takes aim at the Bush-daddy/Bush-son relationship. This time, however, instead of the typical "like father, like son" angle on this relationship, Dowd senses a bit of a family dysfunction brewing. (You gotta love the column's title: "Junior Gets a Spanking.") The best snippet from this column, in my opinion, is the following: "It must be galling for Bush père to hear conservatives braying that the son has to finish the job in Iraq that the father wimped out on. His proudest legacy, after all, was painstakingly stitching together a global coalition to stand up for the principle that one country cannot simply invade another without provocation. Now the son may blow off the coalition so he can invade a country without provocation." One may be able to argue the point about whether or not Saddam is currently "provoking" the US response; but Dowd's point carries enough weight to merit some consideration.

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