Friday, August 23, 2002

Kingfishery and Kingcakery - The GOP loses its best (and only, in my mind) chance of defeating incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. Tax-n-spend Republican Governor Mike Foster has decided not to run for the US Senate seat. The most surprising aspect of Foster's decision, however, is its coupling with an endorsement of John Cooksey. With this endorsement, not only has Foster's considerable popularity been placed behind a losing cause, it also gives Mary Landrieu the possibility of winning outright and avoiding a runoff as Republican voters will just not get enthused about this election. Of course, I couldn't be happier, because I think Landrieu has served well, even though I think she has caved too often to the pressures of misplaced conservative policy regarding the environment and the energy sectors of the economy. While Landrieu, it is true, votes with Bush nearly three quarters of the time, it's that 25% when she doesn't vote with Bush that's the critical difference. With Landrieu in office, Bush's more conservative judicial nominations will have one less vote of support, and a woman's right to choose will be defended and upheld. Thank you, Foster, for not running - and double-thanks for endorsing Cooksey.

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