Thursday, August 15, 2002

Blog Banter - The evaluation of Bush's Economic Forum by the administration's critics has been pretty consistent across the mainline web medium: that it was scripted and vacuous. Slate's William Saleton, The New Republic's Jonathan Chait, and The New York Observer's Joe Conason are just a few typical examples. But this is to be expected. What is surprising and revealing is the painfully obvious absence of commentary on the event from Conservative bloggers and pundits. For example, the National Review Online has posted very little analysis or reaction to the Economic Forum. Andrew Sullivan is on vacation. (This is unfortunate, because surely the venerable AS would not skirt the topic.) Mickey Kaus and his Kausfiles are more concerned with squeezing out corrections of errors in news stories and opinion columns. Where are these supporters? Silence speaks loud and clear - and the message is: Bush's Economic Forum was all it was not supposed to be.

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