Thursday, August 15, 2002

Kingfishery and Kingcakery - Louisiana politics ... need I say more. About three weeks ago we witnessed the start of a ham-handed, media-splashed, (but extremely popular) anti-corruption crusade of the newly-elected mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, as he took on the dreaded and politically formidable (ha!) Taxicab Bureau and some front-line workers at what we know here as the Brake Tag Stations (vehicle inspections). Recently, Nagin has extended his campaign to include a (less media splashy) corruption investigation into the Department of Safety and Permits. Guiliani-time has arrived in the Nawl! And just over the past few days, while the Nagin-inspired ruckus still hasn't quite settled down, - Ah! Louisiana - we have this amazing story of a lawsuit filed by State Rep. Kyle Green, D-Marrero, against Republican Governor Mike Foster for breach, apparently, of a "money-for-vote" secret deal. The absurdity of the Nagin crusade on the one hand and the Green lawsuit on the other is obvious. But the real kicker is that such absurdities wash over us Louisianians like a titillating, but soothing balm. We read about such things over our morning coffees, we chuckle at them on local radio talk shows, and we might even raise some light cane about them in the Letters to the Editor section of the Times-Picayune, but at our core we accept them as who we are - and, in the end, we really don't seem to mind it all. Only in Louisiana, and only in the 'Nawl, and doesn't it feel nice!

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