Thursday, October 08, 2009

Worth Repeating on Honduras

I think it's worth mentioning again, in the wake of the announcement by the de facto usurper government that constitutional liberties are to be restored soon, that as mischievous as the Zelaya Administration has been, what it never did was to suspend constitutional liberties like the Micheletti government did. And I think this speaks volumes about which of the two administrations is more reflective of a commitment to democratic values and freedom. In fact, I'd venture to say that if Zelaya had done to constitutional liberties what Micheletti did, all in the name of order against destabilizing popular movements against the government, we wouldn't have seen a coup and a Micheletti government. The freedom that Zelaya respected that emboldened his opponents also made his ouster possible. Had Zelaya really been the autocrat he is charged as being (or threatening to become), the coup plotters would never have gotten their movement off the ground.

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