Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogging Self-Nudge

As some of my readers might know, I have been subjecting myself to a little experiment in blogging self-motivation. Three months ago, following on the concept of a "nudge" as outlined in Cass Sunstein and Dick Thaler's book by the same name, I instituted a little self-nudge to get me blogging more regularly. With this posting, I have reached blog posting number 32 for the month of October, which exceeds the goals outlined in the self-nudge I constructed. This marks three complete months of success. I can't say whether the quality of my blog postings have improved or whether this self-nudge has served to cheapen the blog content in any way. I'd like to hope not, but I do know that I have been making postings to my blog much more regularly, which was the intent. I plan to continue with the blogging self-nudge challenge. To date, I have learned a few lessons:

(1) The concept of "nudges" as outlined by Sunstein and Thaler is not only intellectually persuasive, but it also works in practice.
(2) I have become a more disciplined blogger because of the self-nudge.
(3) I feel better about myself for having been able to live up to the challenge.

Who knows how long it will last, but I'm pleased that it's lasted this long already. It's been a win all the way around regardless of the future. So, here's to Sunstein and Thaler (and to The Huck Upchuck reader Eric for introducing me to the book)! Onwards and upwards!

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