Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Batt Girl Helena Moreno Resurfaces in NOLA Politics

Only this time, it's as the media contact sidekick for her latest superhero crush, Jeff Georges, who is an independent unofficially preparing to run for mayor.

Having Moreno involved in his campaign is a big mistake for Georges. Helena Moreno revealed herself to be a Republican disingenuously running as a Democrat against Bill Jefferson in last fall's Congressional race. This deception associated with Moreno's candidacy will not help Georges convince New Orleans Democrats, whom he will need to woo to win, to trust that he, too, is not a Republican wrapped in the mantle of the a-partisan Independent.

Furthermore, we find out in this brief article that Helena Morenso is considering a run for the New Orleans City Council's District "B" seat, which is my district's seat and which is currently occupied by Stacy Head. Does Moreno even live in this District? I presumed she lived in District A, which is represented by Shelley Midura, who is not running for re-election. But, then, she wouldn't even think of running for District A's seat on the Council because Republican Jay Batt plans to run for that seat again, and Moreno is a declared Batt Girl. Anyway ... all I know is if Moreno runs for the District B seat, she won't get my vote. In fact, I might even have to set up an "Anybody but Batt Girl" movement against her.

Yes, I still resent Moreno's snow job in the last Congressional election. And I still think it was revealing in a not so nice way that she showed up 15 minutes late for our Congressional Forum last fall, and left this forum right in the middle of it. That one incident told me a lot about the lack of class of this particular Batt Girl. I'll never support her for public office again; and I'll actively work to defeat her efforts to run for local office in the future.

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Anonymous said...

That..and she knew jack about any of the issues and a complete novice on actual politics. Oh right, she's some kind of "quick study" and all that.