Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New GOP Website

Have you seen it yet? If not, you can check it out here. Assessment: it's an unwieldy and epic FAIL! It took me all of five minutes to come across a forum in the "Our GOP" section under the "National Defense" category titled: "I AM PRAYING THAT OBAMA WILL NUKE IRAN". Here's what this member of the GOP has to say on the party's official website:


I have been praying that Obama will carry on our agenda by nuking IRAN off the planet. We have started a family prayer every night. I think the more people that pray to our lord the more likely he will grant our wishes.

By nuking these people off the planet it is the only way we can be safe from the terrorists, and the only way to bring peace and freedom to the iranian people

Doesn't this imbecile realize that there won't be any "iranian people" to bring freedom to if they are "nuked off the planet"?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I know the Democratic Party has its own dimwits; but, really, I can't imagine they are this bad.

The GOP really is a party that is clearly, and embarrassingly, unmoored from reality and sanity. Harkens me back to this:


andrew said...

Do radical left wing domestic terror groups count as democrats?

Cause I've got some people I've been trolling I could put on the list of crazy dems.

You know to even up the numbers? :)

Huck said...

andrew - Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving comments. I know there are crazy Dems, and perhaps some of them post asinine things up on the Democratic Party's official website; but I think it says a lot that the first comments I came across on the new official GOP website were full of such idiocy. If only both parties could exorcise their crazies from the ranks, we'd all be better off.

andrew said...

I'm not sure if two parties would exist if we exercised the crazies from the ranks.

It would just be one party of moderates that disagree over things from time to time.