Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pathetic and Sorry Story of Sarah Palin vs. Levi Johnston

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Sarah Palin or Levi Johnston, the ongoing and escalating feud between the two of them is completely unbecoming. I can't imagine this Jerry Springer episode playing out in the White House. How anyone can see Sarah Palin as a credible presidential contender is beyond me. Not only is she completely unserious and uncurious, but the drama surrounding her personal family life is actually quite pathetic.

The truly sad thing is that this whole infantile family feud is probably very much exemplary of a certain swath of "Joe the Plumber" America; but this swath of America has absolutely no business at all getting even close to the White House. I mean, the story of the Palin family is one big scandal after another waiting to happen. We got some glimpses of that in the whole Trooper-gate mess; but I feel that it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now I don't trust Levi Johnston one whit either. He strikes me as opportunistic, crass, and pathetic as well. I wouldn't believe anything he said as being truthful. And this is where I think Andrew Sullivan shows a bit of myopia. Andrew is much too willing to think that Levi is the noble and truthful foil to the fraud of Sarah Palin. I agree that Palin is an ignoble and mendacious fraud; but I think pretty much the same of Levi Johnston.

From my "elitist" perch, I guess you could say that I find both of them to be pathetic, which makes it all the worse. Levi and Sarah are both contemptible. And their behavior should be disgusting to anyone who values basic human decency, goodness, and nobility.

As far as I can tell, when it comes to an example of what the first family should be, the Obamas are by far representative of the kind of family values that Americans should admire and seek to emulate. Barack Obama attends Parent/Teacher conferences, for goodness sakes. I'd bet anything that Sarah Palin has hardly ever attended any Parent/Teacher conferences for her kids. Frankly, I find the personal lives of the Palin/Johnston folk to be just gross.

I mean, really. To all you parents out there I ask: how would you feel sending your kids to spend a weekend at the Palin household? I wouldn't let my kids around that dysfunctional mess for anything.

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