Sunday, August 16, 2009

My NOLA "Staycation"

This weekend, while the schedule was still pretty flexible for the family, my B-2/3 and I took a little "staycation." I made a reservation for two nights down at the Hilton-St. Charles. We packed the squirrely girlies off to my sister for Friday night, who handed them off to my parents for Saturday night. Then my B-2/3 and I headed downtown Friday evening for a great weekend in a great city. All weekend long, my B-2/3 and I commented on how great it was that we lived in a cool place where a "staycation" is as good as any "away" vacation one could imagine.

We ate at some great downtown restaurants, lounged about at coffee shops in the area, walked about the French Quarter like tourists, hit the used bookstore circuit in the Quarter, and did a lot of window shopping on Royal Street.

I unplugged from the computer and the internet for those two days (hence no blog postings) and just enjoyed late summer in New Orleans with my lovely wife. This week begins the academic year and soon thereafter the squirrely girlies will begin their usual weekend routines with Dance classes. All this to say that this weekend was the last best chance to have such unencumbered and relaxing fun, and we did not let the chance pass us by.

One of the highlights of the trip was having dinner at Wolfe's in the Warehouse, where we got to meet Mr. Tyrone Howard, a legend in his own right:

Not only is Mr. Howard the world champion napkin folder, but he may also be the best table-side bananas foster preparer in the city. But let me tell you something, New Orleans is the ONLY place where you can meet such friendly, colorful, fascinating, and talented people.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice time. Wish I could do that.