Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogging "Self-Nudge" Success!

With this posting, which makes number 32 for the Month of August, I have fulfilled my Blogging "Self-Nudge" arrangement for this month. By my count, all of my posts in August (minus one, which was a 4th comment for one day, thus going beyond my three-comments-per-day eligibility limit), legitimately apply towards satisfying my obligation.

What this means is that SarahPac, the RNC, and David Vitter's Campaign won't see a dime of my money. They're no worse off for that, I guess; but I'm pleased that I've been able to make the goal. I'll have to go back through this month's postings to confirm this, but I think I only missed two or three days of posting. I've been pretty consistent in trying to get up at least one post per day. And I still have 8 days or so until the end of the month. The posts I make between now and the end of the month are simply lagniappe now, but I plan to keep up the regular pace.

Go Sunstein and Thaler!


Anonymous said...

Will you continue in September?

Huck said...

I plan to. I have until the end of the month to decide for sure. The "default" is that if I don't announce my intention to quit by the end of this month, I'm obligated to continue for the next month. So, if you don't see a blog posting announcing my intention to quit, you can just assume that I'm still in the game!