Friday, August 28, 2009

Message to Mary Landrieu on Health Care

Mary Landrieu is repeatedly criticized by Catholics and the Catholic Church for being a "pro-choice" politician. Hell, the Archbishop snubbed her entire family when they were recognized by Loyola University for their public service because of this issue. So, Mary Landrieu faces an uphill challenge with the Catholic Community because she is a pro-choice Democrat.

But on the health care debate, the Democratic position is much more in line with the Catholic position. So here's a rare opportunity for Mary Landrieu both to prove and publicly advance her Catholic credentials and to give herself political cover for supporting the Democratic health care initiatives being put forward in Congress.

[UPDATE: Friday, August 28, 2:46PM - Of course, this presumes that the Catholic voter of Louisiana who pulls out the "Catholic card" on the abortion issue really gives a damn what that very "Catholic card" has to say on the health care issue. And of this, I unfortunately can't be so confident.]

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