Sunday, August 30, 2009

Helena Moreno is a Batt Girl?????

The erstwhile Democratic Party wannabee for Louisiana's Federal House of Representatives Congressional District 2 seat, Helena Moreno, appears to be in cahoots with some other local notables in support of Republican Jay Batt and his campaign to once again represent Lakeview and parts of Uptown New Orleans on the New Orleans City Council, filling in for Shelley Midura, who beat him for the spot last go-around.

Thank goodness the good citizens at Anybody But Batt are back at it.

And shame on Helena Moreno. I always did think that she was a Republican wolf in Democratic sheep's clothing, even though I hoped-against-hope and desperately wanted to believe otherwise. And I probably would have voted for Joseph "Resume of a Democrat" Cao over Moreno anyway, even if she had defeated William Jefferson in the Democratic Primary and even though I voted for her over Jefferson in this primary race. But now we know for sure what she is and where her loyalties lie. It's quite telling that before she even knows who the Democratic Party's standard-bearer for this District A City Council seat is going to be, she's out there cavorting as a Batt Girl.

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jsml456 said...

What ever it took to get that SOB that those SOB's in his district elected, was damm well worth it, even if was a republican dressed as a democrat. After all, Jefferson was dressed as a jackass!
John Sonnenberger
Dallasites for Moreno