Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asinine Rightwing Comment of the Day ...

goes to conservative blogger Melissa Clouthier. Commenting upon Ted Kennedy's death, Ms. Clouthier wrapped up a pitiful, meaningless comment with the following post script:

P.S. Using Ted Kennedy's death to prop up horrible legislation is disgusting. Politicizing death: it's what Democrats do.
I find the irony of this statement breathtaking. This comes from a woman whose own party called a midnight emergency legislative session, a session which even roused President Bush in the wee hours of the morning to be on standby to sign "horrible legislation," to try to run roughshod over States' Rights and the Florida State courts and keep Terri Schiavo alive. Talk about using someone's death to craft horrible legislation! Where was Melissa Clouthier's "disgust" back then? As for "politicizing death" being what Democrats do, I would point not only to the Republicans and the Terriy Schiavo case, but also to the whole Sarah Palin "death panels" absurdity. Now whether or not you believe Sarah Palin's "death panels" fears to be legitimate, it is still patently clear that the movement she sparked is 100% precisely about "politicizing death." I mean, really, if pushing the idea of "death panels" in the context of a debate over health care policy reform is not politicizing "death," I don't know what the hell you would call "politicizing death." And let's also be clear that this is something the Republicans did. And still do. And quite effectively, too. So, I think Ms. Clouthier would do well to reconsider her claim because, when it comes to "politicizing death," Republicans are the grand masters of it. It's what they do.

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