Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Warrantless Blogtapping Program

BLOG UNDER SURVEILLANCE: Word Around the Net ...
Issue: Profiles in Commenting

Although I have Word Around the Net on my Con-Blogger blogroll, I don't think I've ever mentioned Christopher Taylor's blog here in a posting at The Huck Upchuck. And that's an omission I need to correct. I have known Christopher Taylor through blogs for some time now. He is a committed and principled conservative, so we disagree a lot, and we've even had some bouts of very harsh exchanges, but I have to say that he's definitely not a partisan ideologue. He listens to opposing viewpoints with an open mind and he always responds thoughtfully and civilly in any controversial debate.

In any event, Christopher Taylor has his own blog that I think is excellent as a window to thoughtful conservative positions. It is also a blog based on a very creative concept of perusing the exchange of ideas that take place in comment boxes at particular blogs on issues that Christopher Taylor finds interesting. I'm sure that my liberal friends will find a lot on this blog to disagree with, but I'm also sure that anyone who visits this blog will appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into his writing. I am amazed that Christopher Taylor can find the time to write very lengthy and well-researched essays with as much regularity as he does. You should check it out.

But the real reason for my writing this post is to highlight one of the aspects of Christopher Taylor's blog that I find to be an unparalleled resource for anyone who visits blogs and likes to leave comments. This is his Profiles in Commenting series. It is a fantastic description of the numerous types of comments and commenters that exist in the blogosphere, as well a very good guide on commenting etiquette. And Christopher Taylor regularly updates and adds to this list as he uncovers something new in the blog commenting world.

I just wanted to highlight this for readers of The Huck Upchuck, and encourage you to visit Christopher Taylor's blog.

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