Friday, October 05, 2007

Rush the Disingenuous Dissembler

Rush Limbaugh is now saying that he never called Brian McGough a "suicide bomber" as if his use of the specific words "suicide bomber" is what makes it so. Well, it is true that Rush never called him a "suicide bomber," he just described him exactly in the terms as one would describe a "suicide bomber." Here's exactly what Rush said. You make up your mind if Rush is being disingenuous:

You know, this is such a blatant use of a valiant combat veteran, lying to him about what I said, then strapping those lies to his belt, sending him out via the media and a TV ad to walk into as many people as he can walk into.
How can anyone defend Rush here? If I were an honest conservative, I'd be embarrassed by Rush, not only with this pathetic dissembling, but also by his presuming that this soldier is just a mindless dupe of the left who is incapable of thinking for himself.


Christopher Taylor said...

I think you are in essence correct, he's describing him as a suicide bomber, but the plain meaning is an analogy of someone going out and spewing nonsense and lies all over everyone who is nearby, not calling him someone who murders innocent bystanders.

There's a difference there, at least objectively viewed.

I should point out that your previous post implying Limbaugh thinks that soldiers who disagree on policy is sad and false. He said nor implied any such remotest thing. Don't trust Media Matters, ever. I hope this helps you remember that simple rule.

Huck said...

C_T - True, but Rush didn't need to use this analogy to make that point. He could have said it in any number of different ways. The fact that he chose a visual analogy that harkens to a terrorist suicide bomber is intentional. And that's where Rush is no better than Media Matters or DailyKos. He paints his political opposition (including decorated Iraq War vets) in terms of the vilest of America's enemies, for no other reason that I can see than that they are critics of the Iraq war. Imagine what Rush would be saying if any liberal had described a US soldier in the way that Rush did.

My point in my previous post on Rush was to show how both sides take things out of context and fabricate meaning so as to belittle their political opponents. Conservatives did exactly the same thing regarding Kerry's "Stuck in Iraq" comment, which any honest person would have understood as a botched joke about Bush. Rush is only getting the kind of "smear" treatment he is very fond of levying himself.

I hardly ever pay attention to Kos or Media Matters, so consider your advice to me well-taken. However, just know that I didn't unquestioningly accept their spin, but that I actually visited Rush's site (as well as RWN and other conservative sites such as Hot Air and NRO) to see for myself what was being said about this from the other side. But, permit me the opportunity to impart to you an equal piece of advice: Media Matters is to the left what Rush is to the Right. So, you shouldn't trust Rush Limbaugh, ever.