Monday, October 22, 2007

Coulter Day

It has been raining torrentially since about 7:30am. The streets are flooding.

Given that Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak today, is this any surprise?

God has opened the heavens and deluged us.

Where's Noah and his Ark when you need them?

UPDATE: 5:06pm 10/22/2007 Will the Coulter show be cancelled due to inclement weather? Probably not, even though classes were cancelled. But unless folks will be handing out some fishing waders, I guarantee that it will be rather poorly attended, both by Coulter fans and by Coulter protesters. All the better, as far as I am concerned.


oyster said...

So, was it cancelled?

Huck said...

No, I hear from my students that it went ahead as planned. For the most part it was basically civil -- no bagel throwing and no seriously nasty protestors. But, I hear there was some booing and hissing, partly, I gather, because Ann Coulter was doing her best to insult and agitate -- and she succeeded somewhat.

I'm planning to write something more detailed about this, but I need to get through my courses and mid-term paper grading first.