Friday, October 19, 2007

The Huck Upchuck's Endorsements

GOVERNOR: Foster Campbell. I'm lukewarm on the Governor's race. I'm voting for Foster Campbell not out of any passion for him, but as the least bad of the lot. I just can't get beyond Walter Boasso's party switcheroo and that he's from "da Parish." I'm sorry, but I just don't trust very many people from "da Parish," especially the politician people. I know, I know ... silly of me, but so it is. Bobby Jindal seems to be earnest enough and intelligent enough, but it really, really bothers me that someone seemingly so smart could give in so readily to partisan hackery and could dance on tip-toe with some of the more unseemly folk on the rightwing of Louisiana politics. And John Georges is too mixed up with the anachronistic and patrician elites of New Orleans, for whom back-room dealing is a way of life, to be taken seriously as a governor committed to transparency.

LT. GOVERNOR: Mitch Landrieu. No questions, no doubts. Mitch should be Mayor of New Orleans. And he'd probably be the next Governor if he had decided to run. He's smart, eloquent, progressive, forward-thinking, and pragmatic.



NEW ORLEANS CITY COUNCIL AT-LARGE: Kaare Johnson - Because he knows his Louisiana sports! :) And he ain't afraid to speak out on controversial issues.

STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 94: Deborah Langhoff.

STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 95: Una Anderson. I know many NOLAbloggers don't like Una; but I do. She was a voice of sanity during some of the worst times in the dysfunction that was the Orleans Parish School Board when it was not easy to be so. I haven't forgotten that. However, I also like everything I hear about Percy Marchand, so take your pick.

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 5: Cheryl Gray. Yep, this woman's got it all. This is a no brainer.

All the other elections, I've no recommendations.

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