Friday, October 05, 2007

Mexico: A Global Studies Handbook

Well, after a long and difficult road, my book on Mexico is done and is turned in to the Publisher for the final editorial stage. I'm sure I'll have to do some cleaning up a bit, but it's done. It'll be the last in a series of country studies that I helped to put together. If you want to get a preview of the series, check out the website for the series that the Publisher (ABC-Clio) has set up for it.


Don_cos said...


June 2008 publish date? Why so long?

Huck said...

I think it has to do with the editorial clean-up process and the Publisher's production and roll-out schedule. Not sure why it takes so long, but then I don't control those decisions! In any way, I'm just glad it's done.

Don_cos said...

So if I buy a copy, will you autograph it?


Huck said...

don_cos - Heh! Sure, why not?