Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coulter Comes and Goes

Not much time for me to reflect on what I've gathered from my students who attended the event; but I will, at least, link to the story Tulane put out on it.

For the moment, let me say just that I am glad that I didn't go; and I am unsurprised that Coulter behaved true to form in belittling and debasing debate in full bully mode. How can one possibly respect someone who devolves into playground taunts like this:

As the evening turned more circus-like, Coulter said that “if things get out of hand I will start having to check the SAT requirements for the school where I’ll speak.”
Childish and embarrassing for her.

Here's some first-hand commentary from an attendee. If you visit this site's posting, make sure to check the comment thread for it, too.

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Schroeder said...

Thanks for commenting on Coulter. I just couldn't even bring myself to do it -- and I suppose that's how they win: by wearing down opposing voices. I don't know how things will ever be turned around as long as the forces of incivility manipulate the minds of millions through their syndicated hate radio programs.