Thursday, May 08, 2003

The Weak in (National) Review - Covert Cop "Jack Dunphy" has a typical hyperbolic and racist rant against Mexico. This pseudo-law enforcement officer, who likes to hide behind a "nom de cyber" like he probably likes to hide behind fabricated evidence, is angry that Mexico refuses to extradite a fugitive wanted for murdering a cop because this fugitive will likely face the death penalty in the U.S., a penalty which Mexico opposes on principle. I think "Dunphy's" anger is understandable at a personal level, but directing his anger at Mexico does nothing more than reveal his deeply-held prejudices. And his apparent vindictiveness does not square with his role as an "impartial" enforcer of the law. You'd think that "Dunphy" would be grateful this fugitive, one Armando Garcia, is removed from U.S. territory. But no, instead of being thankful that U.S. citizens are now safe from this menace, "Dunphy" wants him back to face the justice system he cynically despises for its ineffectiveness ("Explaining this [California's sentencing rules] to outsiders is like explaining relativity: A man goes away to serve an eight-year sentence but comes back only four years older.") "Dunphy" doesn't want justice, nor apparently does he even want the "safety" of the citizens he has sworn to protect: he wants vengeance via the electric chair.

Another point: It is illustrative that "Dunphy," who works for the LAPD - that scandal-free paragon of anti-corruption - takes a swipe at the entire Mexican political system by declaring the Mexican government to be "corrupt from top to bottom." Not only is his sweeping generalization about the Mexican government just plain wrong, he would do well to turn his anti-corruption crusade closer to home and start with his own organization's "widows and orphans" fund.

"Dunphy" is an angry, cowardly man. He likes to make examples of black and hispanic criminals - naming names and throwing around his self-righteousness. But he hides behind a "nom de cyber" - keeping his own persona safe from the consequences of his opinions. Come out from behind your Ray-bans, "Dunphy," and at least demonstrate the courage of your convictions like a good Dixie Chick.

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