Saturday, May 24, 2003

Liberal Lighthouse - Peter Bienart nails the Bush Administration on its duplicity and its abuse of power. After outlining serious and blatant falsehoods and power abuses over the past 8 months alone supported by the Bush Administration, Beinart ends with this observation:

These stories of Bush administration dishonesty and abuse have not been denied in the conservative press as much as they have been ignored. In researching this column, I could not find a single substantive defense of Bush's UAV claim, or his filibuster plan, or his uranium allegation, in any elite conservative publication. Fred Barnes last week defended the Texas redistricting plan in The Weekly Standard but, incredibly, never acknowledged the key issue: that states traditionally limit themselves to one redistricting per decade. For conservatives, it seems, this administration's decency and honesty are ideological axioms that require no empirical defense. President Bush is not President Clinton. That's all they need to know.
If the Democrats stay on this message, there is hope for the party in the 2004 elections.

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