Saturday, May 24, 2003

Lagniappe - Just a thought on Annika Sorenstam's participation in the Colonial... In my mind it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to have the right to play in a "man's" golf league, but to exclude men from participating in the corresponding "woman's" golf league. Why? Because a woman golfer will by no means participate with an "undue" advantage in the man's league, whereas the opposite will most certainly be true. Sorenstam, by far the best female golfer in the world today, is ratcheting up, and there's no harm nor threat to any man in her doing this. Tiger Woods playing in the LPGA would be ratcheting down just to take advantage, and this would be wrong. I mean, high school wrestlers can compete in higher weight brackets if they so choose, but not in lower. Bright students can skip grades upwards if their intellect warrants it, but never can they regress to lower grades just so they can win the less demanding spelling bees with their more extensive vocabularies. You get the drift. Read this for a similar take on Sorenstam's right to play in the Colonial.

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