Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Blog Banter - Andrew Sullivan has a wonderful little piece on Hillary Clinton and the 2008 Presidential Election. Andrew's distate for Hillary is no secret. He starts his column with this introduction:

Cue the music from "Jaws." Or "Fatal Attraction." You get the idea. Just when you thought the Democratic Party was flailing around in its attempt to gain any political traction, a familiar and fascinating figure is haunting the sidelines. In a sign of how pitiful the Democratic talent pool seems these days, that figure is one Hillary Rodham Clinton.
But, in spite of his distaste for Hillary, Andrew cannot help but inspire us liberals to hope for the future as he suggests it could be. As a diehard liberal, I've been in a grump since Bush captured the White House, and in a downright funk since the fiasco of last November's elections (saved from outright despondency ONLY by Mary Landrieu - another Hillaryesque figure I might add - and her fabulous, election-season-ending win in my home state of Louisiana). But, reading Andrew's piece, why he's got me all excited about 2008! One delicious point he didn't make - and probably carefully avoided - is the simple fact that Hillary, by being a "betrayed" wife, not to mention a woman with some comeback spunk wrapped in senatorial glow, will resonate with more than just the core liberal base. She'll win a lot of support from politically moderate, even usually right-leaning, soccer moms and professional women. And when the theocratic right begins to rant about the genetic and moral unsuitability of a woman president, Hillary's stock will rise even higher among women of all political persuasions. Get ready for another 8 years of Clintons in the White House! I'll remember Andew Sullivan fondly when it happens.

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