Monday, February 08, 2010

Sniff .... Sniff ... Sniff ...

Man, dem Tebow tears are dropping sloppy -- big, fat, round, translucent Tebow tears of joy: Superbowl Highlights.

I woke up this morning still in a dream.

Pinch me, please:


eric said...

Congrats! That was quite a game. I was not emotionally vested in either team at the beginning of the game, and really did not go into it caring too much about the outcome, but the Saints won me over by playing the whole game with so much heart (the kind of heart largely missing from the world of pro football). By the 4th quarter I was cheering for you guys and was very glad to see you win. Enjoy the victory!

LAmom said...


Huck said...

I agree with you, Eric. The Saints were playing to win. My heart sank at the 4th-and-goal stop. I thought Brees should have passed the ball; but I liked the decision to go for it.

And then the onside kick took even more guts.

Technically, the Colts played a solid game. But the Saints played just as well, avoided mistakes, and simply wanted it more.

Glad we won you to our side! Really, you can't imagine what supporting a perenially losing team has been like. A common refrain here in NOLA today is that pigs are flying and hell has frozen over. It was a great moment for us.