Monday, February 18, 2008

The Warrantless Blogtapping Program

Issue: Democrats, Obama, and John Hawkins' Screwed-Up Mind on Race

Conservative blogger John Hawkins of the Right Wing News blog, just can't make up his damn mind about Democrats, Obama and the subject of race. Today, Hawkins posted this "thought" (more like a brain fart, if you ask me):

Barack Obama is the single least qualified candidate running for the presidency, on either side, and he wouldn't have the slightest chance to win the Democratic nomination or the presidency if he weren't black. So, if he were to get elected, wouldn't that make him the first Affirmative Action President? [Emphasis added.]
Umm ... wait a minute, Hawkins. Didn't you say this not too long ago?:
You have black Democrats, who are hypersensitive about race related issues seeing a black candidate being denied the presidency by Democrats because of his race -- and let's face it, Obama may win the nomination because he's clearly the better candidate and because the mainstream media seems to be lining up behind him, but if he doesn't get the nomination, it'll be because he's black. [Emphasis added.]
Well, what is it, man? He'll get the nomination because he's black? Or he won't get the nomination because he's black? Is he the "single least qualified candidate ... on either side"? Or is he "clearly the better candidate," at least on the Democrats' side? Democrats will choose him because he's black? Or Democrats won't choose him because he's black? Or whatever it is that Democrats do regarding Obama, it'll be because Obama's black. What the hell?!?!?

Let's forget, for the moment, about the flip-flop on Hawkins' take on Obama's relative qualifications for the Presidency (which implies that he really has no idea who - at least among the Democrats - is the more qualified candidate, even by his own criteria). I want to focus on Hawkins' obsession with race. When it comes to race, Hawkins, you are one conflicted and confused dude. You have got to find a way to exorcise your "race" demons, dude. It's clouding your mental abilities. What does it say about you that you can hardly ever mention Obama without referring in some way to his skin color as the defining characteristic of his candidacy? What does it say about you that you can't seem to get beyond race when thinking about Obama? You are so damn obsessed with Obama's skin-color that you simply can't imagine any consideration of his candidacy without referencing his skin color. Well, let me tell you something, Hawkins. It's you who are the one obsessed with how Obama's skin color will play out in this election. It's you who are making race a central and defining issue in the Obama candidacy. It's you who are so obviously NOT color-blind when it comes to Obama that it makes unbelievable any claim you might make to the contrary.

Really and truly, how is it that I can go days and weeks without even thinking about Obama's skin color, that I can have conversations and debates and disagreements about Obama with decent conservatives like President_Friedman without race ever factoring into the mix, that I can even go back and forth with leftist Obamaphiliaphobes over the merits of Obama's candidacy without once mentioning race, but that I get slapped in the face with inflammatory racialized commentary regarding Obama ONLY when I read such supposedly "color-blind" conservative bloggers like John Hawkins at Right Wing News? And Hawkins thinks it's the fault of liberals that we can't get beyond playing the race card in political discourse in this country?!?!? Sheesh! For God's sake, man, PLEASE look in the mirror and think again.


Eric said...

I agree that Hawkins is harping on the race issue way too much. I have yet to meet or hear from an Obama supporter who has said anythig like, "Come on, it's just time for us to have a black president." (although I've heard many Hillary supporters make the same argument in favor of a female president).

If anything, Obama's candidacy supports the idea I've long held that racism is no longer a major obstacle for anybody to succeed in America. The fact that Obama is only half-black often gets overlooked in these discussions, but I think his racial heritage is a positive testament to just how little race matters in Ameirca today (culture defined by race is a different story, but race in and of itself is largely a non-factor).

I tend to agree with Hawkins that Obama is the least qualified candidate, but it isn't his race that is helping him overcome this factor, it is his charisma and oratory skill. Obama is one of the most inspiring political speakers to come along in decades, and Republicans make light of this at their own risk. The most qualified candidate isn't always the best candidate.

In fact, given the powder keg of racial tension and identity politics that exists within the Democratic party, I give Obama a lot of props for not constantly lighting the fuse underneath that issue. No sane person can accuse him of being a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Hawkins and other Republicans would do their cause a world of good if they just dropped the race discussion and focus on the issues Obama supports.

Huck said...

Eric - I couldn't agree with you more. For all the bluster that race-conscious conservatives give about being color-blind, I find that they're usually the ones that seek to demonize their opponent by playing the race game and thus slowing down the death that this kind of politics deserves.

You say you agree with Hawkins that Obama is the least qualified. Well, you've always maintained that he was the least qualified, but Hawkins hasn't. He's even called Obama the "better candidate" among the Democrats. So my beef with Hawkins on this front is not that he thinks Obama is unqualified, it's just that he flip-flops on this such that it makes me wonder if he's even looked at the evidence upon which to base a judgment, and isn't just shooting off at the mouth based on when the political winds favor one candidate over the other.

The fact that Hawkins seems incapable of dropping the race discussion and focusing on the issues leads me to wonder whether his "cause" really is what he says it is. Someone who really wants to see a color-blind political culture sure wouldn't act the way Hawkins does as frequently as he does.

Thanks for commenting. As always, you are a worthy and honorable conservative intellectual rival!

PS: I've wondered, would you rather that I list your blog in my blog roll under "Con bloggers" or under "Otros Buenos"? I'm happy to put it wherever you think it best fits.

Eric said...


My intent with my blog is not political, but of course it inevitably goes that direction from time to time, and political commentary is always welcome.

Otros Buenos is probably a more fair description, unless you think gun blogging makes it a distinctly conservative blog. ;-)

Huck said...

There are liberals who "gun blog"! And given that there's this thing called the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, that's not really an ideologically defined issue. At least I don't think so. So you're safe in "Otros Buenos." ;)