Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bill Clinton For Obama?

Sure sounds like he would have been if these words are any measure of what he values in a candidate:

Actually, the Bill Clinton in this clip, with his poise, youthfulness, and composure, brings back fond memories of a time when I was also pretty excited about a Democratic Presidential candidate. I haven't felt that way in a long time until now. Just look at Clinton, the upstart, against Bush, the elder statesman. If we have an Obama/McCain contest, that's the kind of picture we're likely to see again. It's just a pure winning matchup for Obama. I like Hillary in many ways, but she just doesn't cut the same figure as Bill did in 1991, and as Obama does now. I guess I like a smart, competitive, and youthful spirit in a candidate.

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jeffrey said...

The Clinton '92 campaign is my frame of reference for the Obama phenomenon.

All the pieces are there. Both candidates elicit an unsettling JFK worship. Clinton was the "youth" candidate of his day. (Remember MTV's "Rock the Vote" bullshit originated in 1992.) Both candidates are "centrists" (which in American politics means right wing militarist with slightly less frothing at the mouth)

In '96 Clinton ran against Bob Dole. This year Obama will be running against "Odor-of-Dole" I expect Obama to be almost as bad a President.

Many points of comparison.