Sunday, February 10, 2008

Convincing Win

Latest results:

With 100% of the votes reported in the Louisiana Primary: Obama 57%, Clinton 36%.

A 21% differential statewide can be called a decisive and convincing win by any measure.

And capturing 75.34% of the Orleans Parish vote is a bona-fide trouncing.

I tell you, I'll be very disappointed if Hillary Clinton ends up winning because of the completely undemocratic inclusion of superdelegates in the process.

If I were a superdelegate, I'd pledge my vote to whoever won the majority of the delegates that resulted from popular primary voting or caucusing.

I'm bummed, though, that oyster didn't make the cut for the Orleans Parish Democratic Party Executive Committee for District B.


oyster said...

Thanks, Huck.

Yeah, that was an exceptional result last night. A serious thumping.

Related to the superdelegates issue, is the issue of how the state party's unpledged delegates will vote. We should make sure that they follow the will of the people in the state and be distributed proportionally, just as the pledged delegates will be distributed.

Otherwise, they'll function very similarly to superdelegates.

Huck said...

oyster - Too bad about the election. You're in my district so I voted for you, of course. I also got my wife to vote for you, too. I think most people just check off the names they recognize and then just pick the rest from the list randomly.

With regard to the delegates issue, perhaps you can clarify for me about the whole pledged versus unpledged versus superdelegates system. Who are these unpledged delegates and how are they distinct from the superdelegates? It's all so arcane to me. Perhaps you can shed some light on this process via a posting on your blog. I think that would be most helpful.

D-BB said...

Figure I'd catch you in a good mood while it lasts.

No more politics from me unless this thing unravels into mayham in Denver and all them hispanic votes go from Hillary to McCain who in turn gets a big smile on his face. Then I am gonna really be pissed.

Anyway, have you given any thought about crashing the naked art class one night? Here's what u do. Go hunt down the art prof and buy him lunch. If it's a woman, let me know if she's hot then maybe you can introduce me and let me run the interference. Who knows, I may even give her a pose or 2!

Anyway, I'm thinking a photography class may be better since I don't know about you but I can't draw worth a crap.