Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MLB Scandal

Clemens, Pettitte, McNamee, and HGH ... Does anybody really give a damn? Maybe it's because I've just never been a diehard Baseball fan, but, personally, I couldn't care less. What in tarnation is the government doing investigating this non-issue. Let the fans decide via ticket sales.


Anonymous said...

It falls into the category of corrupt business practices, doing illegal things to get a competitive advantage. In this case, it's very widespread corruption throughout the industry. The intensity of interest in it is certainly out of proportion, but I do think it's the kind of thing that ought to be investigated.

Michael said...

I saw at Rising Hegemon a comment about another sports "scandal"--Arlen Specter is raising quite a furious stench about the whole destroyed videotapes associated with the New England Patriots stuff...the commentor noted that in the end, they (and I guess the baseball players, too) might well face harsher penalties than the telcoms who broke the law at Team Bush's request.

Come to think of it, Team Bush's blatant lawbreaking will likewise be punished less than a football team or baseball player. Some "justice," eh?

D-BB said...

Oh yeah, this is such a high priority. The country sinking into an economic shit hole, everybody in the world hates us, things are just splendid in Iraq and I am suppose to worry about some over paid baseball player getting injections that will make his balls hang down lower than his pee pee thingy? Shit, that’s gonna happen to all us guys anyway so what's the big deal?

(Hey Hucky, if my language was too strong, let me know and I will repost a "G" rated version. U know me, I don't wanna upset u.)