Sunday, February 17, 2008


Chris Wilson, over at Slate, has introduced the Encyclopedia Baracktannica, in which a whole new vocabularly is being constructed through reference to the name (or "cult" for all you Obamaphiliaphobes) of Barack Obama. Some of the entries include: Baracktogenarian (an Obama supporter who's older than 21); Obamaraderie (goodwill and lighthearted rapport at a campaign rally); Baracktorate (a Ph.D. in Obamalogy), among others. Check it out. There are plenty of fun and hilarious entries. And readers can even submit their own creations. Here's what I sent in:

Baracky Obamalboa: An electoral candidate who demonstrates a toughness of character that defines the ability of a wiry and tenacious underdog in an electoral fight to beat the champ through force of will, rigorous preparation, an inspirational message, and an irrepressible hope. [Queue the theme music: Trying hard now! Getting strong now! Gonna fly now! Flying high now!]

On Video: (Pay special attention around 32 seconds into the clip)

(I can't wait to see how the Obamaphiliaphobia cultists will respond to this post!)

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