Monday, February 25, 2008


This is so friggin' cool. The "Yes, We Can" video digitally reconstructed from the compilation of photos and images of the Obama campaign as submitted by this site's viewers. It's apparently called a "Collective Video." When the video begins playing, just scroll your pointer over any part of the larger images to highlight the individual photos and images that comprise the video. You can even pause the video and scroll over a single snapshot picture of the video moment to capture all the individual pictures that make up this still, paused image. I tell ya, the technology innovation wrapped up in and emerging out of the Obama campaign is breath-taking and jaw-dropping. I've not seen anything like it.


D-BB said...

Hucky, this guy ain't scaring you yet?

Dude, it was amusing at first but just some of the stuff I've dug up on this guy is really beginning to creep me out. The fact that no one will even poke fun at him is getting way to obvious.

U know me Hucky, I am always ready to joke around but I am seriously getting a bit nervous....this is like the Invasion of the Body know, where you go to sleep and they place a pod next to you and you wake up all weird out and stuff.

Hucky, what are his accomplishments and what does he mean by “change”?????

Exactly what are his accomplishments and what does "change" mean?

D-BB said...

U see that? I was gonna dump that comment since I repeated repeated repeated my my my myself. Decided not to so you can see how screwed up this is making me me me me me me me me me .