Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superbowl Prediction

Patriots 38, Giants 17.

This is gonna be a blowout. The Giants have gotten pretty lucky up to this point. The Patriots are solid all around. And the Patriots are gonna remember how the Giants ruined their perfect season and give a little playback. It's gonna be a game with a lot of emotion coming from the Patriots side of the bench. Oh, and Gronkowski's da bomb!


Julie P said...

Ummmm - my Giants won - again! Its tough to beat NY.
I just have to gloat - its tough to be a NY fan here in Boston.

Huck said...

Yeah, Julie - I was actually rooting for the Giants, too; but I just thought that the Patriots were too powerful of an offense for the Giants defense. But the Giants proved me wrong and I'm glad, in the end, that they did.

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