Saturday, January 07, 2012

Obama and the Steadily Improving Economy

Latest unemployment figures, coupled with other national economic indicators, point to a sustained and continued future improvement in the overall economy.  This bodes extremely well for Obama.

Even though some conservatives may argue that this growing recovery could have been even sooner and more robust without Obama at the helm, the fact is that national economic signs are positive.

The conservative position has to be "don't mess with a positive thing" or "if it ain't broke, no need to fix it."  Well, even if that's not the conservative position, that's how many folks are gonna be thinking.  Obama's got us on a path that brought us off the precipice of a major depression and seems to be turning things around.  And it doesn't matter if that could have been done sooner and better.  Fact is that it's working now, and it would be more risky to foist wholesale change in another direction than it would be to just plod along in what seems to be working.  Since NFL playoffs and the BCS championship game are on the mind, I'll give a football analogy: if you've got a quarterback leading a team that his plodding its way slowly but surely to the goal line, you don't just risk this successful strategy by putting in a run-n-gun rookie quarterback to try to shake things up and potentially put more points up more quickly on the scoreboard.  Better to go with what you know is working and what you know will still lead to victory, then to take the chance on the unknown wildcard and end up blowing it all to hell.

If economic indicators keep going slowly, but surely, in their current positive direction, Americans are going to be more likely to want to keep the current President at the helm.

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