Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt's An Ass

The man who made Bill Clinton's marital infidelities "exhibit A" in the popular media blows a gasket when the tables are turned on him for exactly the same reason.  And then he has the gall to blame the media for doing to Republican Presidential Candidates what he would have them do to an an actual sitting President!!!  And the most sickening thing is that the South Carolinian Republicans ate it up.  The "family values" conservatives who think we need more "family values" in the public discourse defend and cheer an egregious violator of these values for wanting to keep it hushed and out of the public discourse.  I'm sympathetic to keeping one's private lives and private indiscretions out of the public square; but that's not the world that these conservatives want.  And yet they chafe at this world when it applies to themselves looking in the mirror.  The hypocrisy is rank and disgusting.  And, yes, Newt is an ass, both for how he actually treated his second wife and for his desire to have an "open" marriage, and for his brazen audacity in chastising the media for calling him on it.

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