Friday, September 23, 2011

Santorum's Disrespect of a Soldier

 Just imagine if a soldier were to ask a question at a Democratic presidential primary debate and the coterie of Democratic presidential hopefuls didn't even acknowledge and thank the soldier for his service. What do you think the outcry would be like? Oh, we know what it would be like. Santorum's cravenness here -- and worse, the fact that not a single other person on that stage thanked this soldier -- reveals the real hostility that these clowns have for someone putting his life on the line in defense of our country's freedom. The irony here is that Santorum, in his answer, said that military service and DADT are not about sex, and yet it is precisely sex (i.e. this soldier's sexual orientation) that conditions this kind of dismissive response. My question for Santorum is why he hates American soldiers so much that he can't even bring himself to thank one for his service? I mean, surely Santorum, when he saw that American soldier on screen, didn't see sex, did he? Surely he saw a person risking his life for his country, right? If he didn't see a soldier (as his dismissive answer seems to say as much), but instead saw a "homo," then his whole mantra collapses, doesn't it? I think it's pathetic. And it's an indictment on all of the candidates on the stage that not one of them gave the soldier the proper thanks he deserves.


Eric said...

Can't argue with you on this one, of course that may be why I don't know a single person who supports Santorum for President. I've watched most of the debates and he has done a good job attacking Perry from the correct angle on the Gardasil issue, but on every other issue he registers somehwere between "meh" and "blech!".

Huck said...

Yeah, Eric. One kinda expects such from Santorum. But what really struck me was that not a single other person on that stage sought to defend or acknowledge that soldier in any way. It was a revealing moment overall of what the GOP has become -- a party whose leadership finds that being gay is somehow antithetical to true American patriotism worthy of recognition as such.

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