Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dreher on Sullivan's "Christianist" Concept

Crunchy Con Rod Dreher has put up a posting today in which he grumps about Andrew Sullivan's use of the term "Christianist" to describe a particular comment from a Christian pastor on the subject of homosexuality. Reading the comments on Dreher's blog posting is also a treat in and of itself. I disagree with Dreher's reaction, which I think is mostly rooted in a deep-seated hostility to any harsh criticism of theocratic proclamations on "God's law" as it relates to secular law as it relates to homosexuality. I don't think Andrew Sullivan at all uses the term Christianist as freely and as indiscriminately as Dreher claims. I just think Dreher gets all wobbly and cranky when that term is used in reference to the subject of homosexuality. Anyway, read the posting and the comments and make up your mind for yourself. But most importantly, treat yourself to Dreher's blog. Make it a regular read.

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