Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Jon Huntsman Electable?

Andrew Sullivan thinks so. In fact, Sullivan says explicitly of Huntsman that he's "so easily the most electable" among the GOP field.

What do I think? I think that Andrew Sullivan, who is so desperate for a sane and credible candidate in the conservative orbit, has lost his marbles. There is absolutely no way ever that Huntsman is electable, not even should he make it to the general election as the GOP nominee. Why do I think this? Simple: Huntsman agreed to serve in the Obama administration. Even if Huntsman starts spouting out the most red-meat anti-Obama rhetoric, he simply cannot wipe away the fact that he said "yes" to Obama. When the entire strategy of the GOP with regard to Obama is to be always and everywhere a "no," Huntsman's undeniable and irreversible "yes" to Obama makes him patently un-electable.

The hatred for Obama among a small, but decisive group of conservatives is so virulent and so irrationally profound that anyone even tainted by any positive association of any kind with Obama will keep this group of conservatives on the couch come election day.

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