Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Con-Blogging

If you are a regular Upchuck reader, you will know how much I admire and respect Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan considers himself a conservative, though the rightwing in the U.S. considers him a rabid leftist. I think any person who understands the intellectual principles and foundations of conservatism would see quite clearly that Sullivan's conservative credentials are real. So, reading Sullivan has given me a sense of what good conservative blogging can be. Along those lines, I feel the need to mention another good conservative blogger: Rod Dreher, who used to write and blog for the National Review, and has moved through a variety of other writing gigs only to land up blogging now at The American Conservative. I've always liked Dreher, not least of which because he hails from my home state of Louisiana, though he hasn't lived in the Sportsman's Paradise for a while now. He blogs much more from a faith-informed perspective; but he's not a religion blogger. And I am intrigued by his "Crunchy Con" legacy. In any event, he will be a regular read of mine, and I encourage any who want to get a glimpse into rational and respectable conservative thinking, to read him.

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