Monday, July 12, 2010

Vitter Supports Birther Cause

I wish I could say that David Vitter's birther pandering surprises me. But I can't. The man is a tool who will say anything to cozy up to the wackiest conspiracy-theory rightwingers in Louisiana. I bet the folks cheering the birther moment at Vitter's town hall meeting also supported David Duke for governor in the early 1990s. The anti-Obama craziness is stunning for how deep it runs and how vicious it can get. Well, Vitter's at least given Melancon some more ammunition in the Senate campaign, though I'm fairly sure that it won't matter much. If Vitter's call-girl prostitute scandal isn't enough to upset the cart in this "family-values" politician's re-election campaign; I can't see how a little anti-Obama conspiracy nuttery is going to hurt him.

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