Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Featured NOLA Blog

You know, I've been going through my NOLA Bloggers Blog Roll (What I call "Kingfishers"), and I'm reminded of how good and informative and entertaining some of these blogs are. So, I thought I'd start up another special posting catetory in which I highlight a NOLA blog and encourage folks who visit The Huck Upchuck to check out some other great local blogs.

The featured NOLA Blog I'd like to highlight today is: Inside the Footprint. The exclusive purpose of this blog is to chronicle the culture, architecture, and people of the neighborhood that has found itself inside the "footprint" of the plans for the construction of the new LSU-VA Hospital, and thus subject to demolition. It's because of its specific focus on a very controversial local subject that I think it can serve as a good choice for the first "Featured NOLA Blog." The two guys who run this blog are local law students. Give it a look. More featured NOLA blogs to come in the future, as the mood strikes me.

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