Monday, July 12, 2010

Saints 2010 Quote of the Day

"The Saints’ defense is like the homely looking guy who somehow wins over the ladies by being a brash alpha male." Andy Benoit, blogging on the NFC South at the NY Times's "Fifth Down" blog.

In other words, the Saints defense won't win any beauty contests for elegance, grace, and star-quality talent; but they will go home with the prize in the end out of willful confidence.

I think I agree!


D-BB said...

This is the 4 post without a comment. All that work Hucky? Spend more times with the kids and the wife. Bet an HD TV and chill. And take down that Obama pic. He's a cross between George W. and Jimmy Carter. What a mess and now he's killing us here. Did you ever think you'd see the day you would wish for Prick Chaney in the "House"? 40,000 rigs, and one freakin' accident and we shut down and die. I may have to start blogging again....god forbid. It sooooo much a waste of time.

D-BB said...

One more thing, I'm gonna tell my buddies to leave a note every now and then so you won't look sooooo lonely.

Huck said...

Good to see you're still alive and kicking, D-BB. What would the world be without you? Hope you can make it to Rising Tide V this year so I can finally meet you and marvel at the beautiful "ladies" you are likely to have draped on your arms!