Saturday, July 03, 2010

Update on Right Wing News Commenting Issue

A week or so ago, I was having trouble posting comments at conservative blogger John Hawkins's site Right Wing News. Given that I have a history at this site of having been banned from commenting (and while I was in Mexico, no less), I wasn't sure what was going on this time around. Of course, I assumed something innocent was at the root of the issue; but, given my history there, I had that shred of a doubt.

So, I wrote to John Hawkins about it. And I have to say that John Hawkins was prompt, gracious, patient, and helpful about the whole thing. Although we never did find out what the problem was, Mr. Hawkins responded to and followed up on every single one of my emails to him. And that's something, given how popular his blog is and how time-consuming it must be for him to go through all his emails. I am now able to post comments on his blog from my room in Mexico. This leads me to think that perhaps the issue had something to do with the wireless ISP I am using here in Mexico. I'll probably never know what that momentary situation was all about (and I'm certainly not technologically savvy enough to explore it and figure it out on my own); but I do know that John Hawkins was a superb professional about it. And I just wanted to point this out because I think Mr. Hawkins deserves this acknowledgment -- especially from me, one of his critics who has had a bumpy past with him.

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