Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thought of the Day: How to Kill Obama's Health Care Reform

The absolute surest way to kill Obama's Health Care Reform plan is for Sarah Palin to come out and endorse it.

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D-BB said...

Hey hucky, no time, long see...or somethin' like dat. Look, I just heard that Obama gonna go on American Idol and rap a song call "Gotta Get Da Health Plan Mutha For Ya".

Also, I would love to get that health plan. That would end all them freakin' sneaky Canadians comin' to America to get there important health care that they can't get up. This is gonna be a "hoot".

Oh yeah, why ain't Obama going on FOX? Isn't that the best place to answer his critics. By the way Hucky, I think I don't understand the bill so I'm sort of on the sidelines so why are so many people for it or against it if no one knows what the hell it is?

Also, do you think Pebbles was actually Barney's love child?