Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cuaderno Latinoamericano

Just wanted to take this opportunity to plug another blog project that is now up and running again. Cuaderno Latinoamericano is a blog focusing exclusively on Latin America that involved multiple contributors, all of whom are enrolled, or have enrolled, in one of my courses at Tulane University over the years. It's an experiment in utilizing the blog medium to get students to engage with Latin America on their own terms, for students to make use of blog technology and other current media to explore contemporary issues, culture, society, politics, basically anything of interest to students, that concerns the Latin American region. The quality of the posts vary, but the exercise inevitably enhances student exposure and attention to the region. And that is its principle purpose. Check it out and feel free to leave comments of encouragement or criticism. In doing so, you'll also become part and parcel of the education these students receive.

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