Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kooky is Right -- Rightwing, That Is.

I pity this kid:

Forget the whole thing about protesting Obama's inspirational and non-controversial speech to students. What this kid is learning is how to NOT be a critical thinker. He is, in effect, being subjected to an anti-intellectual brainwashing that is infinitely worse than anything that could ever come out of Obama's speech.

I mean, really, they both admit that there was absolutely nothing at all wrong about what Obama was going to say; and yet this Beckolyte dimwit of a father is instead going to take his son on "a field-trip the WW2 D-Day Museum in New Orleans to recognize the sacrifices of America's fallen heroes and celebrate the last time Americans fought against fascism." And this guy thinks he knows what "fascism" is?!? What the guy is doing is nothing less than fascist brainwashing. You think he's going to teach his son how to think for himself? Think again.

Kooky? For that we need look no further than this lunacy, which, of course, we find on the Northshore. Can't say I'm surprised there, though I do say that the irony of sending his kid to that socialist thing known as public school is still quite rich. And here's another puzzler: for someone whose father will not let Obama have "direct access" to him, how in the world does this kid even know what Obama's ideas are, much less arrive at some thought-out conclusion through independent study that Obama has some "kooky ideas"? You'd think he might have actually been exposed to some of Obama's ideas, as opposed to his father's "filtering" of Obama's ideas. I guess it's no wonder the kid thinks the "ideas" he hears are kooky -- that's because they are his dad's ideas, not Obama's. And on that score, I'd agree. Kooky, indeed.


Andree said...

Notice that the FOX guy says that's the father on the right and his son also joining us. God forbid he say the son is "ON THE LEFT" aaaaaa!

Also, I loved this comment on

Anonymous said...

Also notice that when the FOX man asks the father what he would have said in 1991 when george bush made a speech to kids, the dad replies with a 'in 1991 i was politically asleep'. what a lame excuse!