Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fielkow Says "No" to the N.O. Mayor's Race

Arnie Fielkow is out of the running. I think this is probably a wise move at this point. I like Fielkow. I will never forget Fielkow's early and decisive opposition to some hateful pieces of anti-illegal immigrant legislation that were proposed in the Louisiana State Legislature two legislative sessions ago. Fielkow has always been a friend and supporter of Latino causes in the city. And that has very much endeared him to me. But I think his recent waffling about whether to jump into the Mayor's race, even to the point of being unable to decide by his own self-imposed deadline, hurt his chances even before he would have started. It just doesn't look "Mayorial" to be so indecisive about something so important. So, I'm glad he's decided to sit this one out. He may, in fact, have written himself out of the picture completely, given that whoever emerges victorious this election cycle will have the benefits of incumbency to stretch the term to 8 years. And 8 years may be too long for Fielkow. But I still think it's the right move for him, and I respect him for it.

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