Sunday, November 02, 2008

Whither the Progressive NOLABlogosphere on Obama

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief has a post up today which explains the lack of visible Obamaphilia on his blog. I have to say that I had, indeed, noticed this lack. But I understand his reasoning completely.

I haven't been so reticent, especially during the primary season, in expressing my support for Obama; but over the past month or so, my Obamaphilia has also been a bit more restrained. My focus, like Oyster's, has been moreso in harping on criticisms of Obama's Republican rivals.

Like, Oyster, I also have some posts up in the draft queue on The Huck Upchuck that I have been just too gunshy to put up until after Tuesday.

I have noticed this cautious and guarded optimism on most of the progressive, pro-Obama blogs that I visit regularly these days. I think we liberals are all quite chastened by the past eight years of wandering in the wilderness and are very much aware of the disappointments that can come crashing down upon us at the very bitter end.

But I will say this, win or lose, the Obama campaign has been absolutely stellar from start to finish. If Obama loses, I think it will be due to the electorate's unreadiness for a man like Obama in the White House -- and I'd say unreadiness because of Obama's age and, yes, his race -- both of which are beyond his control and which he has been masterful in managing to the extent that this is possible.

I am and will be unambiguously proud of Obama and his campaign and will keep my head high come Wednesday morning, regardless of the outcome.

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