Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on JHS Posting

Last Sunday, I put up a posting about a "mock funeral" supposedly being planned or promoted by Jesuit High School students.

My post came on the heels of what was a very emotional national election after a long, contentious, and sometimes vicious and uncivil political campaign. Because of this, and being caught up in this emotionally tumultuous moment, I perhaps was a bit precipitous in putting up this posting. Upon reflection, I regret having done so -- not because I think an event of the sort doesn't merit some exposure or that JHS and its students merit special exemption from public criticism, but really because I should have taken more time to investigate and find out more details about the incident. I heard something about a "mock funeral" in a passing conversation and, in the passion of the moment, just launched a posting off of that.

Since that time, I have learned more details about the incident and it is not what I made it out to seem. Apparently, it was just one of those passing, silly inside jokes that high school students do. There were no serious plans being laid and nothing sinister at all intended. And, frankly, I remember being a high school student and can well imagine all the foolish pranksterism that I more than likely engaged in, too.

In the end, I let my emotions get in front of my better judgment. No good journalist (and I've never claimed to be one!) would have ever put up a posting like I did without looking into the matter further. In fact, I am as guilty of sophomoric behavior in this regard as I chide the students of being; and I've got plenty more years on them and should know much better, too.

As an alum of JHS, I am proud of the school and value all the good that it offers its students. I should have done better by it. And Jesuit students are still, by and large, consummately honorable, good, and responsible young men. I should have done better by them.


Don_cos said...

Well said Huck. It takes some true honor to back up and address your own mistakes. Too bad more people aren't able to.

Eric said...

I second what don_cos said, Huck. Way to step up.

I think we have all been guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us at least once or twice over the last few months!

I read Peggy Noonan's new book 'Patriotic Grace' this weekend, and it offered a much needed step back from the election and a few mental deep breaths. I think you'd realy enjoy this book, and it is a very quick read. Noonan (a former Reagan speechwriter) has long been one of my favorite conservative pundits, and has been savaged recently by Republicans for being (only slightly) critical of Sarah Palin. Her book is a call for a more adult conversation between conservatives, moderates, and liberals in this country, and a reminder that during the tough (possibly tougher than we imagine) times ahead, we are all going to be leaning on one another, whether by federal mandate or (better yet) just plain old common decency. And she manages to say this without being being annoyingly kum-bah-ya, which is a nice trick. Check it out.